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Classical Classroom

Mar 28, 2014

It’s Women’s History Month up in the Classroom! Houston Public Media’s own Amy Bishop (see also, Episode 9: Tone Poems) teaches us all about female classical music composers, from the millennia-old ethereal sounds of Hildegard von Bingen, to the contemporary works of Jennifer Higdon. Why have so many women composed classical music but so few have become household names (yet)? We jiu jitsu that question and others in this episode!

Audio production by Todd “von Toddgen” Hulslander with double-plus masterful editorial decisions by Dacia Clay.

Music in this episode:
– Hildegard von Bingen: Caritas Abundat in Omnia (Love Abounds All)
Clara Schumann: Piano Concerto in a minor, Opus 7 (first movement)
– Jennifer Higdon: Blue Cathedral

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