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Classical Classroom

Apr 30, 2013

Classical 91.7 audio librarian, Dacia Clay has a deep, dark secret: she knows next to nothing about classical music. But she wants to learn! Luckily, she’s surrounded by classical music experts every day. In each episode of the Classical Classroom, Dacia’s colleagues and some local classical music luminaries...

Apr 24, 2013

In this episode, conductor Brett Mitchell — Assistant Conductor for the Cleveland Orchestra, man of too many accolades to mention, and former Assistant Conductor of the Houston Symphony — talks about John Williams’ use of leitmotif in the score to the original Star Warsmovie. Listen, you must.

Audio production by...

Apr 18, 2013

In this episode, Dacia Clay talks with MusicLab intern and Moores School graduate student, Daniel Webbon, about Steve Reich's "Piano Phase" andclassical music minimalism.

Audio production by Todd Hulslander and Daniel Webbon.

Apr 10, 2013

Since the U.S. has been celebrating its beginnings this week, we thought we’d go back to ours. We hope you enjoy this throwback. And! Because we were in the holiday spirit, we added a little present for you at the end of the show. We hope you enjoy it. And that Tchaikovsky doesn’t turn over too hard in his grave...

Apr 3, 2013

Revisit Classical Classroom’s very first show! Classical music announcer Chris Johnson compares two very different recordings of the same piece. Gut strings, basso continuo, and the Baroque period are discussed.

In this episode, Dacia Clay talks with Chris Johnson about Vivaldi's "Autumn", and rich people having...