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Classical Classroom

Nov 2, 2015


It’s a Menotti two-fer! Lynda McKnight from Houston’s Opera in the Heights teaches all about the composer Gian Carlo Menotti and two of his short operas, The Medium(not the Patricia Arquette kind), and The Telephone (not the Lady Gaga kind). Learn about this versatile 20th century composer and these two drastically different operas. Also, zombies.


By the way, Opera in the Heights is staging a Medium and Telephone double-header through November 7th! 

Music in this episode:
– Gian Carlo Menotti, The Medium. Chicago Opera Theater recording.
– Gian Carlo Menotti, The Telephone. BBC Radio Broadcast on YouTube.

Audio by Todd “My, My Telephone” Hulslander with psychic readings by Dacia Clay and editing by Mark DiClaudio.

Thumbnail image: Paul Hume and Marie Handy performing Gian Carlo Menotti’s comic opera The Telephone, or L’Amour à trois at Catholic University, Washington DC, 1952. Public domain.