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Classical Classroom

Jul 10, 2017

Classical music: the future frontier. These are the voyages of the podcast Classical Classroom. It’s mission: to explore strange new music – Sorry. I’ll stop. Where was I? Right! Composer, performer, and Mannes College of Musiccomposition faculty member, Missy Mazzoli talks to us about the future of classical music, from the future, aka, New York. Also talked about in this episode: Beth Morrison, Schoenberg, David Little, pillow fights, Lars von Triereighth blackbirdRichard Reed ParryBryce DessnerVictoireAbigail Fischer, “bands” vs. “ensembles”, operatic voice, and streaming music.

PS, If you’re in the Houston area, Missy’s opera, Song from the Uproar, will be making its premiere here at Da Camera in March of 2015. For more info, click here!

Audio production of this episode by Todd “Tisk Tisk” Hulslander with buckets of help from Dacia Clay.

All music in this episode was composed by Missy Mazzoli.

For more about Missy Mazzoli: