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Classical Classroom

Feb 18, 2019

To get ready for Bach's March birthday, we bring you the fascinating story of a man on a mission to bring Bach to the people. Bach's music changed cellist Dale Henderson's life. Though the concert hall was a fab venue for sharing this music, Dale wasn't satisfied to stop there. Bach's music, he felt, was for everyone  - not just classical music fans. So he schlepped his cello down into a New York City subway, and started playing "pop-up" concerts (for free). And thus, Bach in the Subways was born. The ongoing project now spans more than 40 countries where hundreds of musicians participate in their own cities' public spaces.

Check out a video of Dale playing Bach at Classical KING FM (home of the Classical Classroom)!

Special thanks to Todd Reynolds for his music, Taskforce: Farmlab from Outerbourough