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Classical Classroom

Jan 16, 2017

Music and poetry go together like inhaling and exhaling, or like gasoline and matches, or like Sherlock and Watson, or like Parker and Stone, or like a hammer and a nail. Et cetera, et cetera. In this episode, composer Dale Trumbore talks about setting poems and prose to music, and about the relationship between poetry and music. There are exercises within, so get out your paper and your pencils.

Music in this episode:

  • As Vesta was from Latmos Hill Descending (The King’s Singers, Royal Rhymes and Rounds)
  • The Road Home (Dale Warland Singers, Harvest Home)
  • Threshold of Night (Conspirare, Threshold of Night)
  • In the Middle by Dale Trumbore
  • Timor et tremor (The Sixteen, The Earth Resounds)
  • Spiritus Mundi, by Dale Trumbore

Audio production by Todd “Twitty” Hulslander with indispensable input from Dacia Clay and assistance by Mark DiClaudio.